Wildlife linkage planning

There have been some exciting advances in wildlife linkage planning in the past couple decade, including the SC Wildlands in California, the Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project in Colorado, the Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) effort, and the Western Governors Association's Wildlife Corridors Initiative.

Unfortunately, it can be a little difficult tracking down who has done what. We hope to fix that by providing a simple portal to information on corridor & linkage planning in every state for which we can find information.

We need your help!

Know of a linkage effort in your state or region? Have ideas for what will be most useful for you or conservation practitioners you know? Contact Dan and let him know!

In the mean time...Arizona linkages!

Arizona Missing Linkages Reports

If you're looking for Arizona linkages reports and data, you can find them here.

Why just the United States?

While originally supported by a grant from Northern Arizona University, is now run by one person in his spare time. I am hoping to expand the site to make it more useful to others. Because all work I do on the site is unpaid and with little sleep, I will be expanding slowly as I have time. If you know of linkage planning efforts in other countries beyond the United States, I would love to hear about them, and hopefully include them in the future.